Sweet Music Resources Course

Learn how to create music teaching resources for your music studio or classroom.

1. Planning

Identify the goals you have for your students, studio, or classroom, and the different types of resources that can help to achieve them.

2. Getting Started

Easy-to-follow instructions and resource recommendations give you everything you need to start creating your own resources.

3. Creating Games

Have fun teaching music theory with flash cards and board games that are customised for the level and interests of your students.

4. Creating Worksheets

With templates and a detailed guide, you’ll be able to create themed worksheets your students look forward to completing.

5. Creating Incentive Programmes

Using incentives helps to keep your students engaged and motivated. Here’s how to create your own custom incentive programmes.

Bonus: Selling Resources

All the practical information you need to start selling your music teaching resources and making some extra moolah!

Quick + Easy + Delicious

With step-by-step guides, worksheets, templates, and checklists,
Sweet Music Resources makes it easy to create customised music teaching resources for your studio or classroom.

What types of resources can you create with Sweet Music Resources?

Get a copy of these delicious examples for free!

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